Showcasing my passion for the web.
By creating websites that generate results.

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"Helping small businesses grow"

I am passionate about the web and building a product that is intuitive, user-friendly and customer focused.


I take pride in helping small startups grow and in return provide value to their growing business online.


My Strategy

Keep It Simple, Stupid!

I believe in creating websites that are clean and simple with an easy to follow information architecture.

Goal Oriented

Creating a website that is focused around your target audience. This helps in shaping the design and functionality towards meeting those goals.

Site Visibility

A good website needs to be found. Investing time and energy in Search Engine Optimisation can boost visitor numbers and provide a high profile.

Project Management

Allowing for better project management from start to finish to achieve effective end results that best meets client needs.



information gathering


My process begins with understanding the industry, competition, project scope, the goal and the target audience.



With the information in hand, I like to plan what the product would look like. This involves researching frameworks, technologies, software & resources.

information architecture


Creation of site map, navigation structure and gathering keyword rich content and imagery.



The idea is to keep my sketches fast and rough with less focus on design aesthetics and more on rapid formulation of ideas, followed by wireframes for finer details.



The sketches come into life in high-fidelity mockups, presented for feedback.



The mockups get turned into a functioning website using code that complies to current web standards, maximizing functionality, as well as accessibility.



Focusing on testing to ensure the website performs as expected, along with SEO optimisation and cross-browser testing.

ongoing maintenance and support


No website is ever finished. Ongoing maintenance is important to support it and keep the content alive.

Recent Projects

Website Design & Development

The University of Waikato

Website re-development showcasing new functionality and design with an improved information architecture.

Stevenson Designer Building

Website re-design & development showcasing an improved web design, features, functionality and usability.

Sugarplum Cake Company

Website design & development for a newly opened business; featuring a clean, crisp and modern website design.

Glasshouse Property Management

Website design & development with a focus on mobile friendly online application form and event tracking for useful analytics.

City Smile Dental

Website re-design & development with focus on SEO; keyword rich content and integration with Google Adwords.

APT Tickets

Website design & development integrated with widgets from Intercity Coachlines to provide users with real time information.

Higher Ground Landscapes

Website design & development for a new landscape business. Working closely with the client to address business needs & requirements.

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